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Peco Lift Hire Stirling – 3.5 m Non-Powered Personnel Lift

 The Access lift PAV Access Platform from Pecolift Hire helps make low-level working at height a whole lot easier. Just step in and twist the handgrip! You do not need power; no electric batteries to charge or mains power usage.

The liftis a low level, non-powered access platform. Light in weight and effortless to manoeuvre, the machine can be rolled into a number of low level access workspaces. Reliable and secure, the Peco is hoisted by means of an effective turning lift mechanism.

The Power Tower platform is a straightforward, safe and energy efficient alternative to steps, stagings, podium steps and small scaffolding towers as it calls for very little safety training.


Pecolift is the very first non-powered, powered access platform, That does not depend upon electric batteries (or changing) or connection to an electricity supply. This functions by utilising the unequalled patented lift mechanism and depends upon minimal manual work to elevate the completely guarded platform from the low 208mm entrance height up to 3.5 m operating height (1.5 m platform height), stopping at pretty much any height you wish. No more going up steps and balancing, you are actually completely secured with both hands free to get the job done.

With a very little footprint and at only 180kg, Pecolift is extremely easy to push and manoeuvre even in the most restricted places.

Peco Lift LIST OF SPECIFICATIONS Working Level– 3.5 m. Platform Level– 1.5 m. Lift Range– 150 Kg. Overall Width– 0.75 m. Stowed Height– 1.55 m. Weight– 180 Kg. These specs are a guide solely and are subject to change due to manufacturer and provider availability.

Pecolift is developed for working internally on flat, level surfaces. It is remarkably environmentally friendly and is perfectly suited to operating in a very broad range of applications from the extremely ‘sanitary’ environments of medical facilities, food and drinks production facilities, pharmaceuticals and retail to facilities in routine maintenance, shop-fitting and building and construction in Stirling.


IAPA awards and now the ERA Awards 2014 The revolutionary working non powered platform has recently been honoured again at the European Rental Awards and voted as Best Rental Product, this comes only a couple of months after gaining the IAPA Honors. Backed by a highly reputable panel of judges.


Wish to get to all those tough to reach areas? Don’t want to be bothered with assembling scaffolding towers or balancing on a wobbly ladder? Then look no further.


Don’t take a chance with gear that is not quite up to the job. The innovative award-winning Peco Lift Hire can provide all the answers when it comes to simple, low-level access while working at height. Tagged ‘non powered, powered access,’ the Peco Lift provides you all the merits of working at height safely and efficiently without having to mess about with large complicated unsafe structures.


It is so quick and easy, just step on to the platform, close the guard rail and turn the handgrip. Simply stop when you attain your selected height. At full stretch you can easily reach out to the max height of 3.5 m in exactly 11 seconds.


Working in  Stirling? Using the Peco Lift means that you are secure and entirely guarded whenever you leave floor level with no climbing or unsafe moves needed.

The very latest in design technology, the Peco Lift is hydraulic oil, electrical power and battery free so it offers environmentally powered access promoting little or no repair and maintenance. For the building contractor it means fewer break downs and no down time waiting on a mechanic to turn up or the batteries to recharge.

The Peco Lift includes a range of safety features offering an Auto-Lock brake system on elevation offering you total stability when you are working at height. It conforms with all the safety rules and regulations making it perfect for usage on any type of building and construction site.


With such a small-sized footprint, the equipment can fit in the tightest places, through standard size entrance doors which means it can be used both inside and out promoting versatility on any building and construction site.


Don’t simply take our word for this, the Peco Lift has attracted a lot of attention in the building and construction industry this year. Experts were so astounded with the Peco Lift that it has been voted Low Level Access of the Year 2014 at the International Awards for Powered Access.


You might assume that purchasing  could prove costly particularly for a one-off job but renting in  Stirling is fast, cost-effective and convenient. All you need to do is pick up the telephone and contact us and our team will do the rest. Our experts can even offer extensive guidance if you are still unsure. Order right away and your Peco Lift Hire will be with you on site ready to go next day without fail.


Power free Battery free Fast set-up Green Step into platform at ground level, no climbing Small footprint, smaller than any podium or platform steps Unlimited lift cycles, can be used 24/7 Quickly braked on main rubber bases when you step into basket Automatically stopped on rear wheels at once on uplift.

Pecolift – 3.5 m Push Around Personnel Lift




Working Height: 3.5 m.


Platform Height: 1.5 m.


Safe Working Load: 150 kg.


Weight: 180 kg.



Commercial cleaning Cleaning Electrical Facilities management Heating, ventilating & heating and cooling Mechanical engineering Painting & decorating Plastering & finishing Plumbing & pipework.


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A pioneering and flexible platform providing access to working heights of 3.5 metres, the Pecolift incorporates technology with user-friendly design to offer an one-of-a-kind access option for working in  Stirling .


Full specification


Platform Height: 1.5 m.


Working Height: 3.5 m.


Closed Width: 0.75 m.


Closed Length: 0.98 m.


Closed Height: 1.55 m.


Platform or Deck Size: 0.72 x 0.60 m.


Safe Working Load: 150 kg.


Weight: 180 kg.


Ground condition: Finished.


Max Safe Working Load: 150 kg.


Make: Power Tower.


Terrain: Even Terrain.


Environment: Indoor.


Non-marking tyres: Yes.

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