Mewp Hire

Choosing the Right MEWP

Mobile elevating work platform, MEWP, hire can solve a lot
of problems for contractors who are carrying out a short or one-off task on a
construction site. A Cherrypicker offers the perfect solution but it also comes with
the responsibility of selecting and managing the right equipment and making
sure it is in good working order and used safely.

There are a series of different types of MEWP’s available for
hire including vertical scissor lifts, self-propelled booms, cherry pickers and
vehicle mounted booms.

To make sure you are complying with the HSE Work at Height
Regulations, you need to make sure that once you opt for this equipment hire you carry
out an assessment of the equipment before you start working at height.

Lakeside-hire can help you establish exactly the right Boom
to hire and help make your work as safe and easy as possible.

Boom Mewp hire

Assessing the risk is a key part of ensuring the workers are
kept safe while working at height. Planning is crucial and
experts at Lakeside-hire can help you with all your hire needs. If you
intend to use the MEWP to install materials, you must know the weight and
dimensions so you can consider load distribution issues.

Electric or Diesel lifts with booms tend to have smaller baskets and lower
lift capacities than scissor lifts and the platform tends to ‘bounce’ at
height. This means they are usually unsuitable for installing larger materials.

If you intend to shift larger loads, then a scissor lift,
crane or telehandler may be more appropriate. Making sure you opt for the right
one for the job means you reduce the risk of overturning and the risk of
injury due to manual handling.

MEWP hire provides a great solution when it comes to making
sure the job gets done quickly and efficiently. More importantly it will help
you and others stay safe on site at all times.